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We’re still making our way — haltingly — through the phases of potty training with our 3 1/2-year-old.

Strange. I don’t recall it being such a challenge the first time around.

Just when we think he’s interested and enthused about the prospects, he starts clamorning again for his pull-up in the morning.

It seems we may finally be turning the corner, though. The other day, as I was gathering the kids to leave for school and day care, our 3-year-old informed me that he needed to take his Caillou backpack along.

“I’m a big boy now,” he proclaimed. “Big boys need backpacks.”

Apparently he’s equating bathroom fixtures and books.

Hey, I think he’s got a point there. If that’s what it takes to convert him to underwear permanently, I’m all for it. I’d gladly make the last pull-up I change the last.


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Despite my Iowa upbringing, I’ve never been much of a gardener.

But it’s become an annual family tradition to trek to the local garden shop, stock on a variety of brightly-colored foliage, and fill the planters on our deck with all manner of blooms and bushery.

Each year, some do well, others don’t. But it’s become something I actually enjoy.

This year’s plantings seem to be particularly appealing. And the kids look forward to it, too, believe it or not. (I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It involves playing in dirt.)

Just don’t ask me to identify any of the stuff. Trust me. If it’s not a rose or a daisy, I’m probably clueless.

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After months of setting up other Gazette bloggers on WordPress, I’ve finally migrated my own screed here.

I like the surroundings. For a peek at the past, including my insights on the chicken dance, pronoun confusion and more, GO HERE.

But if you’re just here for the here and now — consider this your introduction to me.

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