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A new routine

With my wife now working in Iowa City, and our 4-year-old in preschool, I’ve now settled into a new midday routine — and it’s developed into a decent workday diversion.

See, our preschool program is only a half-day program. While it’s great for what it is, it ends at 1 p.m. But our workday doesn’t end at 1 p.m. So that means youngest son has to be shuttled from preschool to his former, and current, day care for the balance of the day, until my wife can pick him up.

What that means, of course, is that I’m leaving work to serve as the shuttle. And it’s become an opportunity for us to bond just a little bit more. We look at the drawings (prolific artist, this one) he’s done in preschool, and talk about his day. And since we’ve had a wonderful stretch of weather in September, we’ve been visiting a local park (“Golf cart park,” he calls it, since it’s near a municipal golf course) for a short play session before the day care delivery.

The session is too short, really. Unfortunately, I can’t afford more time with it, since I need to get back to the office.

Other than the lost work time, I really do enjoy the midday break. But in another month or so, I’m guessing, the park trips won’t be part of the agenda.

Wonder if there’ll be another activity to replace it. Cross-country skiing, perhaps. Or maybe a toboggan ride.

I’m sure he’ll think of something.


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Identifying with hurricanes

Hurricane-to-be clouds churn

Hurricane-to-be clouds churn

I’ve chosen not to include my kids’ names in this blog, for privacy reasons. But I can’t address this topic without at least an inference of a name, and I do want to address it, because it’s perfect blog fodder.

The national media talking heads were talking this morning about the latest hurricane threat, brewing east of Florida and expected to move north by late Sunday or early Monday.

Our 4-year-old was very excited by the news. “They said my name!” he exclaimed. “That storm has my name!”

He then insisted on calling his mom and breathlessly sharing the news. “They said Hurricane (me) is coming! It’s Hurricane (me)!”

Ah, when severe weather forecasting imitates life. He is, indeed, a hurricane. At least on occasion.

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How easily words can be misconstrued.

Our soon-to-be 4-year-old, who’s reveling in his new preschool environment, didn’t have school Friday because of a teacher inservice day.

He, of course, mis-heard the phrase, and told me repeatedly that he was off because of an “in-sermon” day.

Umm … not really the same thing. But interesting nonetheless. Wonder how many sermons he hears at his regular day care.

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Our 7-year-old rejoined the school grind a couple of weeks ago. Starting Monday, it’ll be his 3-year-old brother’s turn.

Yes, our youngest has his first “official” day of preschool Monday. Click the link for more info. It seems like a worthwhile program, and offers the structure that I think could be so useful for our intensely curious little man.

Maybe they can help channel some of his seemingly boundless energy. And since he’ll be in the same school building as his brother, I’m sure he’ll be excited to be considered among the “big boys” of the world.

I think he’s looking forward to it. I KNOW we are.

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