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Time for equal time

I just realized today that most of my recent blog postings have concerned our 4-year-old. So it’s time to give our 7-year-old his due, because he’s been a pretty busy dude, too:

— Cub Scouts is becoming a pretty big deal. He joined because his best friend did, but now he’s really getting into the Scout groove. The den meetings are pretty, well, chaotic, but the kids also learning a lot. Already this year, we’ve reviewed flag etiquette, observed the life habits of bees, and participated in the “Scout Olympics.” Next up: Popcorn sales, the Scouts’ only fundraiser. We’ve got 11 samples in the back of our car right now, if anyone’s interested in ordering.

— He’s moving into “Prime Time,” a program for second and third graders that have shown exceptional talents in specific areas. Seems in this phase of the program, he’ll be working on a research project. Really? Research? In second grade? I don’t think these kids will have the analytical skills or methodology of Thomas Edison or Madame Curie. I’ll be interested to see what they’ll end up researching. The attack sets of grass-type Pokemon, perhaps? But all kidding aside, it proves what we already knew — he’s well above average.

— I think soccer may be the sport for him. We’ve joined the local recreation department’s soccer league, which plays just once a week during the fall, as an intro to gauge interest, and he’s been pretty into it so far. He’s showing a competitive spirit without going over the top. The games, right now, are pure fun, and there’s no score being kept. If he enjoys it, that’ll be time for the next phase. If he wants it, that is.

— And then there’s just the school routine, which fits him well. His homework is almost too easy, but that sometimes leads to him not fully focusing on the task at hand. When he gets his stick-tuitiveness engaged, he’s quite an amazing force.

We’re in a good place. Makes me wish I was 7 again.

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Our 4-year-old is big into his art projects of late. In fact, he felt compelled to create his latest masterwork just this morning, as we were trying to get ready to leave the house.

Great timing, that.

Anyway, he crafted his vision — which today, consisted of an assortment of stickers slathered on red construction paper — and asked permission to photocopy it on our all-in-one machine on the downstairs computer. Don’t ask why he wanted to do that. It’s one of the great mysteries of life.

Anyway, we dutifully traipsed downstairs, made the copy, and started back upstairs. Then he noticed it.

“Oh, no!” he said. “It’s gone!”

Indeed, there was a blank spot, right in the middle of the star sticker trail he’d fashioned on his project.

So, we started searching for the missing star. On the floor, near the downstairs computer, on the stairs leading back upstairs.

Then, a few minutes later, came the good news. “Hey, Dad! I found it! I found the star!”

“Great,” I said. “Where was it.”

“Oh,” he said nonchalantly. “It was on my pants.”

Of course it was. That’s where all my missing stuff goes. If I just looked on my pants, I’d probably find a whole lot of missing things.

And to think, I’ve been looking IN my pants (the pockets, I mean) all this time.

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