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Surgery rebound

Kids are tough — tougher than their parents, in many cases.

Count this as my latest parenting lesson, as I watched our 7-year-old recover from tonsil/adenoid surgery over the past week and a half or so.

Granted, I wasn’t there every minute — my wife and I split duties last week as our patient hung around the house, inhaling ice cream and diving deep into the Pokemon world on his three gaming platforms — but from what I saw, he really did extremely well.

I can’t say the day of surgery was a picnic. As he came through the recovery area, he had some rather unpleasant things to say about the whole experience. But I chalk that up to anesthesia and the trauma of surgery, which can hit anyone hard (even if it’s a so-called “minor” procedure).

And waking him up the first few nights to keep a supply of painkiller in his system was a battle, nearly every time.

But it seems he understood the process, and what he needed to do to get better. He even became an expert at rating his pain on a 1-to-10 scale. Fortunately, he rarely got past a 5.

His 3-year-old brother, on the other hand, keeps asking if his brother’s tonsils will come back. We’ve told him they’re gone permanently, and that it’s a good thing, but he’s not getting the message yet.

But our routine is returning to normal, and the patient is ready for his post-recovery routine.

His worried parents, it would seem, can relax. Even if just a bit.

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A brave face

In lss than two days, our 7-year-old son will have surgery.

It’s a routine procedure — tonsils, adenoids, and a look at whether nodes have formed on his vocal cords.

We’ve told him there’s nothing to it. PIece of cake. Thousands of kids do it every year. I had it done myself, when I was about his age. Nothing to worry about. Throat will be sore for a few days, then you’re in the clear. Plus, you’ll get tons of ice cream, popsicles and Game Boy for the next few days. A kid’s dream.

So why can’t I stop worrying about it myself?

The logical part of me agrees with my verbal self. But there’s still that niggling, burr-under-the-saddle kind of worry that just won’t completely go away.

He’ll be fine. Of course he will. Better than ever, even. He’ll sleep better, he won’t get sick as often, he’ll breathe easier through the day, he’ll be more comfortable. All good. And he has a great ear, nose and throat surgeon doing the procedure.

No sweat.

Unfortunately, come Thursday morning, I bet I’ll be sweating, just a little.

But I’ll have to do it on the inside. Can’t let ’em SEE you sweat.

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