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It’s been quite the unusual summer for our family.

First, because of changes in our job situations, the kiddoz were home all summer, rather than going to full-day child care. On balance, I think it was good for them, and I KNOW it was good for our bank accounts. Was it good for the parents? On balance, I think so, but a few breaks are always in order, if you know what I mean.

Second, it was just an odd summer. It feels more like summer now, today, than it did in July. Our vegetation is getting mixed signals on a massive scale. Wonder if hibernation is affected by the weird weather patterns?

And third, we hit a few more milestones this summer. Our 8-year-old is now an avid bike and scooter rider, as well as a deep end-tested swimmer. The 4-year-old is actively engaged in disassembling things around the house using tools, and comes into his second year of preschool this fall as an accomplished artist, reader and writer.

We’re now fully returned to the school routine, which gives us a bit of a daytime break and keeps those active brains (the kids’, not ours) engaged. And as I prepare for my third job change this year, it seems worthwhile to chronicle where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

I’m reminded of one of my favorite books, “The Journey is the Destination,” taken from the journals of Reuters photographer Dan Eldon. Dan experienced more in his 22 years than many of us will experience in our lifetimes. Here’s hoping that we all will continue to experience all life has to offer on our journey — this summer (even as it winds down) and beyond.


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(this perfectly symbolizes the path we’ve been on lately)

As I’ve mentioned, there are a number of changes coming in my job, including one that’s pretty significant — a new schedule.

Starting Monday, I’ll be working Monday through Friday, 2-10 p.m. That arrangement has its pluses and minuses, both personally and professionally, but the best parts of it are:

— I’ll be able to see the boys during the day, before I come to work.

— I’ll have Saturdays off, for the first time in eons.

Those are a couple of pretty big positives, so I’m going to focus on them for now.

Adjustments? There’ll be plenty. But in the big picture, I’m ready to roll with them.

Let’s see what the world does with 2-day weekends!

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The refrain of David Bowie’s classic 1972 single continues with this:

“Turn and face the strain.”

How appropriate, as we deal with a classic three-headed monster: Recovering from last year’s catastrophic flooding, an overall economic downturn, and the struggles of the newspaper industry to remain relevant and viable.

The economy’s tough, and will probably get tougher (at least in employment terms) before it gets better. And we’re feeling that right now, as a family.

Some of the ch-ch-ch-changes, surprisingly, might end up being for the better in the long run. But as the kids listen to us discussing the future, they become concerned, because they don’t fully understand.

“Just gonna have to be a different man”

“Why are people losing their jobs?” our 8-year-old wondered recently. Ah, such a simple question with such a complex answer. It’s not something he, or any kid, should have to worry about. But kids are more perceptive — MUCH more perceptive — than we’re often willing to admit. And as we transition and adjust, our kids are paying attention.

“Changes are taking the pace I’m going through.”

Yes, indeed. Preach on, Ziggy Stardust.

More to come, particularly on the positives …

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beesMy parenting revelation for the week (and it’s been a long time coming) …

The kids can actually be useful. They really can work around the house. And depending on the day, and the task, they might actually enjoy it.

It’s like chores, but even better, somehow.

Do they get paid? Sometimes, and certain amounts. Another topic for another day.

But I welcome this new chapter of dad-hood. Now, to avoid the perception of exploitation …

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