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Pride in the alleys

Truly, there’s nothing like a family excursion to the local bowling alley to convince you that your kids, early in their lives, have the ability to systematically humble you.

Actually, it’s a reminder that pride doesn’t really fit with parenting.

The bumpers were up, to prevent gutter balls, but I think both the kids could have beaten me anyway. I’m a lousy bowler, granted, but you still don’t want a 7-year-old and a 3-year-old to show you up in athletic endeavors like this.

And show me up they did. Even the guy in the lane next to us noticed how effective our 3-year-old’s style was. “I want him to bowl for me,” the guy said.

I haven’t been bowling for years, and it’s fantastic. They even have sports on the flat-screens of lanes that aren’t in use. I watched the Cubs and NASCAR while we bowled. How fantastic is that?

All I know is, I want a rematch.

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