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Seems that our 7-year-old is finding his academic passion in the world of numbers. (I’m glad he likes math. Maybe he can help me out in a couple of years. It’s not my favorite.)

And he’s taking that passion to a whole new level with his “number scroll.”

It started in class a few weeks back, when his first-grade teacher assigned the class to complete a number grid, from 1 to 100, 10 columns across and 10 rows down. A simple counting exercise, on the surface.

But our son is taking it to a whole new level. He’s become committed, even obsessed, with filling out as many of these grids as possible. I believe he’s now up to nearly 70 sheets. Multiplying by 100, that means he’s filled out nearly 7,000 numbers on those grids. And he’s doing it with no prompting. He just wants to get as many done as he can.

And as he completes each sheet, he attaches it to a “scroll” he’s created, with each sheet taped to its prior sheet. It’s pretty impressive, by any measure.

They even unrolled the scroll in class the other day, and he got a nice mention from his teacher for his commitment. As he should.

Anyone else out there have stories about their kids and a long-term commitment like this? I’d like to hear. Share, share. This blog could use a few more names and notes.

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