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Apparel protection

I had no idea our 3-year-old would identify so strongly with his brother’s clothes.

See, we had a T-shirt we’d bought for our 7-year-old, and it was a little too small for him.

And it was a Pokemon shirt, befitting elder brother’s current obsession with that phenomenon.

So, the Pokemon shirt was transplanted to the 3-year-old’s clothing inventory. But the other day, when I pulled it out for him to wear, he objected. Quite strenuously.

“That’s my brother’s,” he insisted. “It’s not mine. It’s his.”

This, coming from a kid who typically believes EVERYTHING is his, so long as he and the thing are in the same ZIP code.

Frankly, I was amazed. He wants to be like his brother in so many ways, but can’t bear the thought of wearing his clothes.

Guess we’ll have to re-think the hand-me-down concept. At least a little.

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