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Our 3-year-old is celebrating this week, and struggling at the same time.

What else is new at that age, right?

We’ve rather dramatically turned the corner in bathroom behavior. This weekend, he exuberantly informed us that we could give his pull-ups to “another baby.” He then stayed dry all night, including one self-guided trip to the bathroom.

There’ve been a few accidents since, naturally, but we’re well on the road. High-five for the little guy.

However, he’s been on an emotional roller-coaster of late, manifested most recently by fears of things he’s never feared before — the water in the bathtub, the towels used to dry him off, innocuous stuff like that. And this from a kid who’s afraid of very little.

He’s a challenge, this little guy. But he’ll make an impact in the world. I can see it coming.

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We’re still making our way — haltingly — through the phases of potty training with our 3 1/2-year-old.

Strange. I don’t recall it being such a challenge the first time around.

Just when we think he’s interested and enthused about the prospects, he starts clamorning again for his pull-up in the morning.

It seems we may finally be turning the corner, though. The other day, as I was gathering the kids to leave for school and day care, our 3-year-old informed me that he needed to take his Caillou backpack along.

“I’m a big boy now,” he proclaimed. “Big boys need backpacks.”

Apparently he’s equating bathroom fixtures and books.

Hey, I think he’s got a point there. If that’s what it takes to convert him to underwear permanently, I’m all for it. I’d gladly make the last pull-up I change the last.

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